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Spring is the Perfect Time to Service Your Vehicle

As the weather warms and summer approaches, the furthest thing from your mind is servicing your vehicle. However, spring is one of the best possible times to bring your vehicle to our service center, and Mahwah Ford Sales & Service is here to help you tackle your summer road trips with peace of mind.

Why Spring Service?

Spring is the prime time to have your car, truck or SUV serviced for a number of reasons.

After a harsh winter of driving over heavily salted roads, new potholes forming seemingly every day, and day after day of freezing cold starts, there are a number of things that a spring service can uncover and help you get ahead of before they become bigger problems.

Salt can rust critical components such as brake calipers and suspension fittings, parts that are critical to the safety of your vehicle. A quick inspection can tell you if you have anything to worry about, or if you’re in the clear for another year.

Potholes can bend suspension and steering components, as well as damage tires and brakes. As you drive through large holes day after day, stresses to these components become magnified, and too much stress can cause parts to break or bend, knocking your vehicle out of alignment or worse. Having our dedicated service team check for potential issues can help thwart a catastrophic failure in the future.

If you’ve put winter tires on your vehicle, it’s important to know that they will not be ideal when temperatures get warmer. The softer compound that offers additional grip in cold temperatures will cause extreme wear as temps increase. Too much wear can result in unpredictable handling in both wet and dry conditions, and eventually a complete failure of the tire. Changing out your winter tires for all-season or summer tires will give you reliable grip and help preserve your winter tires for an extra year of use.

Schedule Your Service Online!

If you’re considering having your car serviced, check out our online scheduling tool. This will let you choose from our available time slots so you can choose the day and time that best fits into your schedule. Our talented technicians look forward to making sure your vehicle is safe and reliable for all of your summertime adventures.

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