With the weather warming up, it’s likely that you find yourself behind the wheel of your Ford model more often. And that’s no surprise. Because each Ford delivers an exciting and practical ride. From day trips to the park, to extended road trips, your Ford has the ability to handle it all. But part of that does include routine maintenance. Which is why our team has put together the top four automotive maintenance tips for this summer.

Four Tips to Keep Your Ford Running Smoothly

  • Tires:
    We’re no stranger to rough winters. During that time, you may have equipped your Ford with winter tires. Now that warm weather is here, it’s time to rotate back on your summer tires. That’s a task we can handle right here at our service center in Mahwah.
  • Coolant System:
    When it gets hot, your car relies on coolant to help stay cool. Be sure to check your fluid levels to make sure your car doesn’t overheat. Which could end up leaving you stranded.
  • Other Fluids:
    In addition to coolant, check on other vital fluids. Engine oil, windshield-washer fluids and other all play an important role in the health of your Ford. One of our trained service technicians can help with that.
  • Air Filter:
    You may not notice them, but over the course of the cold months, old leaves and other debris may have been building up in your air filter. We encourage you to check on it to get the most out of your Ford vehicle.

From major repair to summer maintenance, our Ford service center in Mahwah can handle it. Schedule a service with us today, and help keep your Ford on the road all summer long.

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