As the temperatures begin to fall and the roads become snowy and icy, it's important to prepare your Ford vehicle for the winter weather that's to come. You can do so by taking your vehicle to our on-site service center for regular maintenance and preventative care. Taking good care of your vehicle means it'll drive like new for years to come and keep you and your passengers safe on winter drives around Mahwah. Let's learn more about important winter service for your Ford vehicle.

Winter Service Tips for Your Ford

  • Get Winter Tires and a Rotation. Winter tires are flexible at lower temperatures and have deeper and wider treads to give you better traction on icy Mahwah roads. They come in handy during storms and will give you better control of your Ford vehicle. Tire rotation is important to ensure proper, even wear on all four tires.
  • Get an Oil Change. Oil becomes less effective after extreme temperature changes, so it's important to get regular changes to keep every component of your engine running smoothly. Oil is necessary to lubricate the many moving parts of your engine, so make sure to get regular oil changes.
  • Take Care of Important Maintenance Now. Is your heating system malfunctioning? Is your check engine light on? Allow our expertly trained service technicians to take care of your Ford vehicle before these problems become more serious. You don't want to be stuck outside on the Mahwah roads during a snowstorm with a broken-down vehicle.

Visit Mahwah Ford Sales & Service to Learn More

If you'd like to learn more about important winter service for your Ford vehicle, we encourage you to visit our dealership in nearby Mahwah. You can meet with the professionals at our on-site service center and take care of your maintenance before winter hits. We look forward to working with you soon!

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