As the weather heats up and we begin to think about what summer might bring, it’s also important to remember to prepare your vehicle for the warmer weather as well. With our expert Ford technicians and plethora of genuine Ford Parts, no service center is better equipped to transition your vehicle from winter to summer.

Spring Services to Consider

As you get your vehicle ready for the warmer months ahead, there are a few key things to consider putting at the top of your list. The first item you’ll want to think about is swapping your winter tires for all-season or summer tires. Winter tires are soft and come with blocky treads that are not well-equipped to handle warm summer asphalt. At the same time, an alignment can restore proper steering and ride quality from a winter and spring of pothole-covered roads.

You’ll also want to ensure that your coolant and cooling system are prepared for the coming season. Winter can do a number on this system as it helps to regulate engine temperature in cold conditions and provides heat for your climate control system. Coolant breaks down over time as well, and you’ll want to ensure it is still up to the task of keeping your engine cool as the weather heats up.

Finally, you should always be keeping up with your oil changes, but this is especially true in spring and summer. Engine oil is greatly affected by heat, and through multiple engine cycles and a higher ambient temperature, becomes less able to properly coat and lubricate critical engine parts. Having your oil changed on time will have a great long-term effect on the reliability of your engine, and our team can have you in and out in a hurry when it comes to this routine service.

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