The current COVID-19 crisis is bringing the out the best in many of us, between young people helping deliver groceries to the elderly who are unable to leave their homes due to safety concerns to swaths of crafters creating face masks to help keep their friends, neighbors, and even strangers safe in these uncertain times. Even major corporations are stepping up to the plate and offering to convert their facilities into factories to make critical equipment that is in short supply at this time. Ford is one such company, and they are transitioning their factories into facilities used to create the types of ventilators and masks that are in critical need at this time.

By partnering with 3M and General Electric, Ford has begun to transition existing plants into factories for these critical pieces of medical equipment that will not only help to keep patients alive, but will ensure the safety of the medical staff that are tasked with handling this unprecedented disaster. For Ford’s part, they are helping to improve the volume of 3M’s powered air-purifying respirator masks that are so critical in keeping first responders and medical personnel safe from catching the COVID-19 virus.

In addition, Ford is looking at ways to utilize the fans from their Ford F-150 seat ventilators as well as HEPA filters and portable battery packs to build all-new respirators using parts that are already in house. Along the same lines, Ford is taking the idea to General Electric to explore the potential for a simplified version of these ventilators that could be produced more quickly while still retaining their effectiveness.

We’re Here for You

As we all figure out how to best manage this crisis, just know that your Mahwah Ford dealership is with you, meticulously maintaining our facilities so that essential workers and travelers can keep your vehicles running smoothly without fear of getting sick at our dealership or service center. Together, we will weather this storm.