Whenever Ford releases new vehicle models, we're some of the first to hear about it—and usually, it's from excited customers who are eager to check out what Ford has just released. This is understandable, as Ford has been putting out some of the most popular vehicle models we've seen in the past few years, and it looks like the Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport are poised to be the next big sellers. Without any further ado, let's dive into these new vehicles and see what they're offering.

Ford Bronco

The new Ford Bronco is a rugged SUV that's portrayed as serious competition to other SUVs currently sitting at the top of the market around Mahwah. It was heavily tested in severe weather environments, and it looks like a vehicle that you can use for a variety of purposes.

The baseline model, the Base, comes with a plethora of standard features and performance specifications that we've been impressed by. The removable doors and roof are standard and allow you to easily fit your Bronco to your environment and activities - if off-roading is on your schedule, the Bronco is equipped for it.

The standard seven-speed manual transmission comes with the two-door Bronco, while the four-door comes with an automatic transmission. Drivability on both is high, with the Bronco feeling responsive and powerful, and an absolute joy to drive.

Ford Bronco Sport

The Bronco Sport is an all-new offering from Ford. This SUV is touted as an off-roading machine, featuring tech like the GOAT Drive Mode (Goes Over Any Type of Terrain). The build is solid, with a sturdy suspension built to handle a wide variety of road surfaces and terrain types around Mahwah.

The Sport features a large interior with a ton of cargo space, making planning for trips and excursions a breeze. The Sport also features top-of-the-line safety and entertainment technology, with many standard features and amenities that you might be surprised to see in a baseline model.

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